Why Us?

Why Us?

Superior Technology

We use the latest in ultrasound technology so you can see your little one with extraordinary clarity and image quality. Our ultrasound machine also has the newest HD Live, also called 5D, feature so you can get the most realistic view of your baby.

No Short Cuts

One of the best parts about Baby Bump Ultrasound is that there is no rush. We schedule your appointment with extra time to allow us to get the best views of your baby. In case your little one is camera shy, you will have time to walk around and enjoy a sugary snack or drink to help your baby move into a more desirable position. We take pride in providing you with the best pictures possible and we do that by giving you the time you deserve.

We are Highly Qualified

Our Sonographer, Courtney Rollins, is registered through ARDMS. She has a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography as well as years of experience in diagnostic ultrasound. Although she does not perform diagnostic ultrasounds at Baby Bump Ultrasound, her experience and understanding of ultrasound at the practical, conceptual, and scientific level ensures the best quality pictures.

Receive Exactly What You Want

At Baby Bump Ultrasound, each client can customize their own unique ultrasound package. We have lots of add-ons to choose from. Plus, there are no hidden fees (such as extra fees for twins or redo sessions).

We have a redo policy

Most babies cooperate for us the first time but if your baby is shy for your entire visit, we may decide to schedule you for one of our complimentary redo visits. This will be up to your technologist’s discretion and must take place within 14 days of your original appointment unless otherwise recommended by your technologist.

Family and friends are welcome

We encourage you to bring your family and friends along with you. We believe this bonding experience should be shared with loved ones.

Online Live Streaming

This is perfect for your loved ones who want to share the experience with you, but can’t be present for the appointment. We stream the entire session live and your loved one can view the stream from anywhere around the world and share the experience right along with you.